Integrating electric vehicle charging into urban Infrastructure
Electrifying the world’s vehicle fleet is perhaps the biggest challenge facing transportation since the horse and cart gave way to the automobile. Beyond the issues associated with automotive design and production, such as the supply and maintenance of lithium-ion batteries, a major task within vehicle electrification is how to move from the current refueling paradigm to one that relies on electric charging.

Integrating EV charging into urban infrastructure where parking is often on street is challenging. Ramping up charging infrastructure in existing buildings comes with challenges such as on-site power constraints or a lack of space to install charging infrastructure. As an example, parking garages typically do not have large power supplies and will have limited space to put charging infrastructure.

Overcoming these and other issues is vital if vehicle electrification is to succeed in the urban areas that are now home to most of humanity. This paper, prepared in association with Siemens, Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company, looks at this important challenge and discusses potential ways to solve it.
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  • A vision for urban e-mobility
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  • Evaluating locations for EV charging
  • Challenges and how to address them
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