Accelerate Sustainable Action in a Time of Turbulence
Drive Sustainability and Profitability
Current macroeconomic conditions, incoming regulations and increasing stakeholder pressures are stretching business to their limit. Companies must juggle the realities of driving short-term successes and profits whilst delivering strategies and investments that will ensure action on sustainability accelerates, securing the long-term survival of the business.

Every department has a role and responsibility to support the successful transformation of the business; sustainability needs to be integrated throughout your organisation. Communicating the need for sustainable investment is vital for building an increasingly transparent, resilient and profitable business for the future.

Companies need to act now but creating change and impact can only be done with data you have confidence in and with internal and external collaborators fully on board with the necessity to deliver change. 

At Responsible Business Europe 2023 (6-7th June, London) we will help you to overcome near-term pressures and uncover the true potential for business, centred around long-term, profitable and sustainable decisions.

Join us as we embark on shaping the future of business – together
European Leaders joining us in 2023:
Defining Themes for 2023:
  • Sustainability & Profitability: Learn why investing in sustainable initiatives now, in a time of economic uncertainty, is beneficial for business growth, profitability and net-zero goals
  • Strategy, Engagement and Impact: Understand how to deliver strategies that will pivot the whole business behind a sustainable growth agenda. Build internal engagement and belief in a sustainable modus operandi to guarantee positive change.
  • Data, Systems & Insight: Understand how to successfully navigate the complex global data collection challenge and meet stakeholder expectations to reliably inform investment decisions and provide transparency to customers. 
  • Reporting & Regulation: Hear from policy makers, standard setters, and business on the impact of new regulation and standards convergence on business and ways to navigate this change.
  • Decarbonising Business: Discover the latest technologies, investments and nature-based solutions you can utilise to facilitate and accelerate the net zero transition
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