Legal Learning Week
5th - 9th December

The best in-house legal leaders are constantly increasing their knowledge as they recognize that well informed decisions drive efficiency enhancements in their departments and support their company’s primary goal of driving profitability.

The Reuters Events: Legal Learning week (5th – 9th December) is delivering an array of materials designed to equip General Counsel and Legal Operations professionals with the knowledge they need to increase efficiency, lower costs, and deliver better results.
2 x CLE webinars

Doing more with less
Tuesday 6th December, 11am EST

As legal departments seek to reduce outside counsel spend by bringing more work in-house, implementing technology to simplify workflows has become a pressing strategic priority for GCs and Heads of Legal Operations alike. However, most legal department budgets have not increased, despite an increase in matter volume. This webinar will explore how in-house legal leaders are doing more with less in this challenging environment.

  • Turbocharge improvements to process and technology in your legal department to bolster efficiency
  • Hire the right team for your department’s size, risk appetite, and budget
  • Identify and eliminate hinderances to your business processing and mapping


  • Sabrina Gesto, Senior Director, Global Legal Operations, Weatherford
  • Adela Wekselblatt, Senior Director, Legal Operations & Governance, Veolia North America
  • Kimberly Woodward, Senior Director, Legal Operations & Chief of Staff, Okta
  • Donovan Bell, Director, Contract and Information Services (Global Legal Operations), Intel
  • Moderator: Samara Abrams, Director, Legal Operations, Micron Technology
Defining Legal Operations  
Friday 9th December, 10 am EST

Despite legal operations being a function of much discussion between legal department leaders, it is often spread very widely across roles and infrequently managed by an eponymous job title. As a result, dedicated legal operations management roles are still somewhat nascent. 

This webinar will help you navigate the high degree of evolution occurring within the legal operations function and plot the role of legal operations among new ways of working and the constant emergence of new legal technology.

  • Develop a robust and comprehensive definition for the legal operations function
  • Identify and utilize on the key legal operations staff in your department
  • Grow and implement a legal operations strategy aligned with the strategic priorities of your GC and organizational leadership

  • William Ryan, Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, AT&T
  • Graham Allan, Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel – Chief of Staff & Head of Legal Operations, cisco
  • Susan Zagorski, Associate Director, Legal Operations, FMC Corporation
  • Lindsey Overbay, Director, Global Legal Operations, Bridgestone Americas
  • Moderator: Cory Clines, Associate Director of Legal Operations, Advance
Thomson Reuters Legal Department Operations (LDO) Index report 2022
Thomson Reuters is pleased to release the 2022 edition of its Legal Department Operations (LDO) Index report. This widely anticipated report explores the shifting priorities legal departments face in 2022 amid economic uncertainty and continued global market strains. The data for this report includes real-world legal spend analytics from Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker — with historical data including more than 1,500 corporate legal departments — and a September 2022 Thomson Reuters survey of global legal departments.

As the number of matters handled continues to increase and budgets stay mostly flat, finding increased efficiencies and delivering more work with in-house staff are more important than ever. Yet, the 2022 Index shows a number of gaps between what departments list as their top priorities and how they handle their work.

Some of the key findings in the 25-page report include:

  • Increasing volume of legal matters for the past year reported by most departments
  • Continued trend to move more work in-house
  • Substantial rate increases from outside counsel, particularly compared to 2020
  • Many legal technologies being adopted, with growing concerns about under-utilization
  • Most departments still primarily rely on billing guidelines to control outside counsel costs
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues are rising in importance, but most departments haven't even implemented a diversity initiative yet
3 x Legal Leaders Case Study Podcast episodes
  • Connecting at the Edge – How One Legal Department Found the Metaverse (Rishi Varma, General Counsel, HPE)
  • A New Approach to Litigation: The Values-Based Shift (Chad Doellinger, Deputy General Counsel, Global Litigation, Intellectual Property & Legal Operations, CBRE Group)
  • Legal and Compliance Radar (Leanne Geale, General Counsel, Corporate Governance & Compliance, Nestlé)
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