Whitepaper: Post-Transition Supply Chains
The energy transition is upending the way global business is done, and evolving market conditions are resulting in new cross-industrial and cross-sectoral relationships. The shape of our global energy systems is changing.

To help you understand the impact of the energy transition on energy supply chains, Reuters Events has prepared a new whitepaper – Post-Transition Supply Chains. The whitepaper explores emerging collaborative, circular partnerships, and examines the ways that technologies such as hydrogen, carbon capture, and new nuclear could alter the energy supply and value chains of the future.
Read the report now, and understand:
  • The wide-ranging effects on energy supply chains caused by geopolitical turmoil and the war in Ukraine, to inform your supply strategy
  • The role of governmental bodies in supporting emerging supply chains, and how your organization can look to engage with policymakers effectively
  • The nascent and rapidly-growing opportunities that cleaner, circular, cross-industrial collaboration present, to help your organization seize the collaborative momentum of the moment
  • How emerging technology could alter your organizational roadmap and rewire your energy supply chains in years and decades to come
We hope you enjoy this whitepaper. The Energy Transition team would like to thank all who contributed to its publication.

All the best,

Luke Liam Brett
Project Director
Energy Transition

Reuters Events
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