Your ‘The Evolution of Automotive Technology’ Webinar Recording
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This webinar was created in the run up to our European Flagship Reuters Events: Automotive Europe 2023 (16-17 May, Munich). 
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Prepare for the Inevitable
Whether it be enforced by policy implementation or the demands of the consumer, change is inevitable. Therefore, collaboration is necessary to optimise our transition towards an era of automotive that we have never seen before.
Reuters Events: Automotive Europe 2023 is the industry gathering to unite senior level OEM leaders who will address how they will build software-defined electric vehicles, reshape the OEM business model and plan for an autonomous future.

Reaching a European audience, this event will shape the future strategies across business-critical topics including electrification, software defined vehicles, connectivity, autonomous vehicles, sustainability, supply chain and safety-first strategies.
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Key topics include:
  • Transition Towards Electric Vehicles: Breakdown the barriers to facilitating the large-scale deployment of EVs and ensuring mass adoption. Assess the sustainability of this transition as well as potential advancements to be made within battery production, reuse and recycling.
  • The Software Defined Vehicle: Observe how the shift from hardware to software orientation leaves the question of how automakers will optimize technology and create value by delivering a consumer-centric vehicle that can be an extension of the user’s smartphone.
  • Vehicle Safety: Breakdown several channels in which a SDV will enhance the safety of the vehicle and its security features.
  • Supply Chain: Several external factors at once have exposed the supply chain of OEMs. We must first build a resilient mindset and then approach towards a secure, integrated and efficient supply chain.
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I hope to see you in Munich!
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