Unlocking floating wind’s potential on the West Coast post CA lease
In the report we showcase exclusive analysis into the winners from the $757 million California lease, preparing port and grid infrastructure, and de-risking projects, with insight from the US Department of Interior, Principle Power, Kerogen Capital and ACORE. 
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Contributors include the below and more:

  • Deb Haaland, Secretary, U.S. Department of Interior
  • Aaron Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, Principle Power
  • Jose Zayas, Executive Vice President of Policy and Programs, American Council on Renewable Energy
  • Ali Sharifi, Managing Director, Kerogen Capital
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Key focus points are:

  • California’s floating revolution: Learn how California and the West Coast will build up a workforce, infrastructure, supply chains and manufacturing capacity from scratch
  • Building California’s first floating wind farms: Explore the state’s roadmap from lease winners (RWE, Equinor, Invenergy and more) and the U.S. Department of Interior so you can be a part of this booming market
  • Transmission and grid connectivity: Tackle the counter grid connectivity issue, including cost trajectories for upgrading grid infrastructure
  • Floating ports of the future: Discover future plans on port infrastructure and a resilient supply chain to develop projects
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