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Can we stop fast fashion from selling our planet down the river?

As regulators in Europe and the U.S. try to put the brakes on cheap, throw-away fast fashion, the latest issue of The Ethical Corporation magazine looks at the daunting sustainability challenges facing the $1.5 trillion industry, which is responsible for 2%-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and has huge impacts on human rights, nature and biodiversity.  
Key analysis includes:

  • How industry commitments to decarbonise are handicapped by lack of transparency in supply chains
  • Resale, rental, repair and remake platforms are proliferating, but can they get to scale?
  • The challenges faced by brands as they try to move to textile-to-textile recycling
  • How proposed EU regulations cracking down on fast fashion are hitting suppliers in Asia
  • Can ultra-fast fashion brand Shein change it spots?
  • How long hours and low wages put brands’ sustainability commitments to the test
  • Building climate resilience in the cotton industry
  • How forced labour legislation is forcing fashion companies to dig deep in cotton supply chains
  • Interview with Eva Karlsson, CEO of Sweden’s Houdini Sportswear
  • Comment from Adam Mansell of the UK Fashion and Textile Association and Lewis Akenji of Hot or Cool Institute
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