In 2023, marketing chiefs are treading a strategic fine line. As they balance a multitude of competing factors there is, however, one challenge that remains a constant: how do they win the attention and loyalty of their target customers?

While regulators race to lay down rules and obligations around gen AI, forward-thinking brands are tentatively testing the water. They are clear too that the models will only be as good as the inputs from human experts, and data protection, privacy and security remain paramount.

At this time of squeezed budgets, it is therefore critical for marketers to invest wisely and get the science of marketing right. With that better segmentation, targeting, and deep customer understanding will follow – all of which will help deliver the customer personalization that is vital to building brand loyalty. 
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  1. Making sense of the fragmented martech jungle
  2. Personalizing with precision, and use cases for generative AI
  3. Preparing for continuous change 
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“Today, not just about traditional communications through individual marketing channels but how a brand shows up through the entire journey of a customer experience” - Adrian Fung, CMO, eBay

“The last thing we going to do is say, ‘Hey, we just saw you were on the website, is that why you’re calling in?” - Sam Anaokar, Head of IIG Strategy, Partnerships & Operations, Vanguard

“[Autonomous AI] to give our customer care teams superpowers to consolidate things like tickets, which can take a lot of time and energy” - Michelle Miller, SVP Global Marketing, K18 Hair

“There’s a bit of trusting your gut on where the trends and zeitgeist are headed and testing those hypotheses against the data that you have” - Amy Emmeric, CEO, Miss Universe

“If you’re going to send an email, make it compelling or interesting, funny or sarcastic, just something that a customer might remember” – Radhika Duggal, CMO, Super

“With the changes in technology and privacy, new vendors are emerging all the time, as well as different approaches of the big publishers. Navigating the martech stack has always been confusing, and it continues to be” - Adrian Fung, CMO, eBay

“The technical feasibility of being able to integrate multiple martech solutions is beyond challenging” - Steve Kopelic, Associate Vice President Financial Services, Unica, HCL Software
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