Unlocking the Future: Embracing Digital Transformation in Logistics 
A Reuters Events Survey-Led Report in partnership with CargoWise 
‘Unlocking the Future: Embracing Digital Transformation in Logistics” is a survey led report which covers three key areas: where are LSPs investing in terms of technology and digital solutions, what are the benefits and challenges of implementing these technology advancements, and the role of people within the digital transformation journey.

The report condenses over 450 logistics & supply chain professionals views on their experience at each stage of the digital transformation. 
Get access to the report today to bolster your digital strategy through:

  • Breakdown of digital investment patterns in small and large businesses across the supply chain ecosystem, to compare with your investment planning and inform your long-term decision-making
  • Critical revision of the impact of technology investment in visibility tools from a wide range of companies, including barriers & challenges in the adoption process
  • In-depth analysis of the pivotal role of change management and identification of best practices for effectively managing transformation within your organisation
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