Reuters Events presents our ‘Rural Health: Pathway to Progress’ Report 2023
To gain solutions to rural healthcare’s unique set of challenges we must look to rural health leaders on the ground that grapple with these issues day to day. The Reuters Events produced Rural Health: Pathway to Progress report uses insight from over 8 different leaders to detail the pathway to higher quality care provision for the 60 million people that comprise Rural America!
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Our gathered group of experts in the rural health space will provide their visions for how we can take significant steps towards:
  • Overcoming major workforce challenges through a combination of residency programs, further investment in programs for ‘homegrown’ medical students and deployment of basic automation and EMR’s that are interoperable with other local providers to reduce workloads
  • Increasing access to specialist care in rural areas by leveraging nationwide telehealth projects that negate proximity issues to provide care, developing agreements with ‘rotating specialists’ and providing pop up clinics and transportation services for more isolated groups
  • Fending off rampant cost pressures by investing in teams dedicated to applying to and attaining approval for available grants, entering into partnerships with larger provider groups, and exploring the potential of more flexible, value-based arrangements in rural settings 
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The rural health experts that contributed their insight to this report:
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