Marketing Visionaries of 2023: Exclusive Interview Series 
In today's dynamic landscape, marketers face immense pressure to continuously adapt. You need to stay relevant, showcase your value, and fearlessly innovate.

In this series of 20-minute interviews, we are giving you access to how the world’s leading marketing executives are making an impact in 2023.
"To be able to unify [our overarching vision and mission] through strong leadership, strong articulation of that mission, and our corporate narrative, and to land that always in the brand, is wonderful work that our comms teams and our marketing teams and our leadership teams are all doing together…We hold that as our North Star to get all our employees excited and feeling proud of the brand, and to be engaged in the advocacy of the company.” – Carolyn Henry, VP, GM, Americas Regional Marketing, Intel

“That’s the thing that excites me when we are building high-performing teams is how do you make sure you know the person but more importantly, know the purpose on both sides, and then how do you create that role and opportunity for them to grow and build from it…Ultimately, it builds trust because when you believe I know ‘you’ and how you fit into the organization, and I am coaching and helping you…is the magic of creating a high-performing team” – Chad Riley, EVP, Customer Development, North America, Colgate-Palmolive

“There is storytelling at two levels: one is the storytelling for internal marketers: data we present to them, told in a story that they understand and gravitate towards…There’s the biggest one called external storytelling, and for that we have the feedback loop…The evidence of effective storytelling should show in the numbers: how many people are more attracted to your brand, how many people fell in love with your brand, how many people shifted categories.” – Jing Mertoglu, Global VP, Insights and Analytics, Beam Suntory

“If you think about Samsung as a device manufacturer, you probably think about innovative hardware, experiences, devices, bringing together premium technology to millions of people around the world. Now in a services context, it’s about innovative software, but still that desire to really expand reach and bring those experiences to as many people as possible… We talk about the idea of ‘Everyday Extraordinary’ as a sort of value that we try to always live up to across hardware and software experiences, across that whole ecosystem we are building, which has many parts but core values.” – Fran Hazeldine, Head of Marketing, TV & Mobile Services, Samsung Electronics
This is your chance to discover the marketing strategies of industry titans in just 20 minutes!
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