Special Report: The Future of AI in Insurance 
Revealing how insurers are investing in and integrating AI
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Reuters Events’ exclusive survey gathered responses from 700+ industry professionals to discover the key trends in AI investment, employment, and results of integration for 2024 and beyond.
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  • What percentage of insurers are currently investing in AI/are planning to in the next few years?
  • What are the prominent drivers and blockers for AI investment?
  • What areas are AI being applied to, and to what effect?
  • Has AI proved a worthwhile investment for companies so far?
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With investment sentiment for AI within the insurance sector growing, it is important to understand where insurance organizations expect to utilize the technology, why such investments are being prioritized and how the success of any investment will be measured.

The below heatmap highlights which insurance process or department is expected to be the applicant of any technology investment.
As the chart highlights, investments in AI are largely being intended for use within claims (43%) or underwriting (38%) processes, given their ability to increase the efficiency of related tasks. As the previous chapter highlights, claims was the most-mentioned function or division focusing on implementing generative AI today, followed by customer service.

We can also extract from the heatmap that AI is the second-most popular technology being applied to underwriting, behind only Digital Portals, and above the average application figure across our pool of technologies of 26%. We can therefore conclude that organizations looking to improve the efficiency of their underwriting process are more likely to invest in AI than other technologies on our list.
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