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Exclusive Video Interview: Mike Fiato, EVP & Chief Claims Officer, Allstate
Ahead of Reuters Events: Connected Claims USA 2024 (Austin, Nov 12-13) we caught up with Allstate’s new EVP & Chief Claims Officer, Mike Fiato, for an exclusive interview with Lisa Wardlaw, President, 360 Digital Immersion. They discussed all things claims in 2024 from making AI work for the adjuster to easing economic pressures through contractor partnerships.
Reuters Events: Connected Claims USA 2024
Hear Mike’s tips and tricks on:

  • What is currently propelling the claims industry and what the most important factor for carriers to focus on is
  • How claims teams can do more, when they are already doing so much, to fix the leakage in CX
  • What claims teams should be doing to embrace and transform with AI and GenAI
  • How we can predict and prevent the future rise of claims costs
"You can get enamoured with the bright shiny object, but it is still ultimately this individual that we’ve hired, trained, cultivated that has to deliver, and so if those tools aren’t built and then executed on with complete synergy with your claims staff, you’re going to create outcomes you not going to be happy with.”
"It comes down to rep happiness… if I can help a rep be better at their job and feel better about the work they are doing through the use of AI or Generative AI that’s a win, a huge win for the organization”.
I hope you enjoy the interview!
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Reuters Events: Connected Claims USA 2024
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